I Am A Software Developer

A few days ago, the instructor of our bootcamp told us to announce to the world we were software developers specializing in front end web development. As it turns out, that was easy for some of us but very hard for others. There’s been a few of us that took our time and tip-toed into that announcement. But I’m starting to trust the process a bit more and am gaining confidence with the public part.

Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone else really cares if I say that or not. Even if there’s someone who mocks us as code newbies who are a bit above their station, does it matter? The vast majority of people who see me or anyone else on social media say something like that will just keep reading and not really take any notice.

The instructor has repeatedly said that thought he boot camp is free, the “cost” will be that we are expected to help pull people through into tech. He says once we’ve made it, we should help 3 more people get into tech. This is something I feel very passionate about! My focus will be women like me. I would love to help more “mature” women realize their potential. I know there are so many like me who have been told “no” enough times in their lives that they believe it, and I want to help fix that. I’ve started to get more active on social media, and to comment more on some of the gatekeeping I have seen and been subjected to. I really want to call that out and be part of the change to make sure it is not normalized.

Right now my primary focus is on me making this transition to tech, but I can definitely see where I plan to make a difference in the future.

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