Old Dog, New Tricks

Today during my class office hours, there were several people asking about ageism in tech. Apparently there’s a lot of us who are over 40 in this cohort.

Honestly, I’m less concerned about the ageism in tech as I am about how well I can learn and retain things at my age. When I was 20-something, I could stay up all night partying with friends and head out to work with 2 hours sleep to do a full day’s work. I rebounded quicker from things and had so much more energy. I seemed to grasp new things more quickly. As a more “mature” student, I have the benefit of real-world experience. I can draw on that to make connections to things and to realize what things are not really important. A younger student will ask a million “what if” questions in a class whilst someone like me understands you won’t be prepared for every situation before it happens. Don’t stress about that kind of stuff.

I do wish I had come to learning to code earlier in my life, but things happen the way they are supposed to, so I don’t overthink that point. I have far more tenacity about things I want now than I did when I was younger. As I make choices, I understand sacrifices and commitment to make them happen. My younger self was often pulled off course because I either couldn’t make up my mind about things or I was easily led astray. I know this is my path and I am so pleased that I’m where I am right now.

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