Day #4

Yesterday I finally set up the blog online and posted the first entry that I had written earlier this week. My goal is to write an entry every day. Last night during the bootcamp, Leon told us to tell someone in our lives about our commitment to learning to code and becoming a full stack developer. This will help keep us accountable. Then he said we needed to tell everyone. He told us to go onto our social media and announce that we were software engineers focusing on front end developing. I hesitated. Not sure why, but it felt scary. Instead, I replied to someone else’s tweet from the class who announced it, saying I was on the same journey. It felt like a cop out, but something was holding me back.

Today, a high-profile developer influencer started a thread asking people who did not have a lot of followers to post a photo of themselves and announce something interesting about them or to post a goal. I saw that post this morning but did not post. Until tonight. I finally got the courage up and posted a photo with a description of myself as a former nurse transitioning into tech, documenting my journey as a “mature” person making the jump. I was still nervous about it, but I think it’s steps like that which I need to do. It pushes me out of my comfort zone, but it also puts it out there to the universe that I am a software developer. I’m ready to start making the changes I need to see this through.

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